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Lying in the western sea, beyond the setting sun was an enchanted 

island off the West coast of Ireland. In Irish mythology and folklore there were many names for this place. It was known as Tír Fa Tonn (Land beneath the Waves), Tir na nÓg(the Land of Youth),Mag Mell (the Plain of Delight) and Hy Breasil (Brasil’s Island). It was depicted as a place of everlasting youth, beauty, health, abundance and joy. This magical realm was reached by entering ancient burial mounds or by going under water or across the sea. Sometimes the island floated and at other times it was submerged. Time on this island passed at a different pace to that on earth. No one grew old here or suffered from illness. The flowers always bloomed and never died.  There was no sorrow or pain here; love was eternal.

The Land Beneath the Waves- Eimear Brennan Framed