New collection of beautifully handmade tactile porcelain disc ornaments from Dublin based design studio KaroArt. All of these are handmade and handdrawn so each ornament is unique and no two are alike. Perfect little gift to send someone this festive season.

 Quirky woodland creatures with a sprig of a winter redberry bush on beautiful white porcelain that is unglazed. 

Styles available- limited quantities


A prancing Reindeer with bushy antlers.

A naughty hare curled up and cosy in a wee green den.

A Dove of peace carrying a redberry branch.

A dozy fox snoozing in the undergrowth.


Size approx 10cm x 2cm 


Woodland Christmas Handmade Disc Ornaments

Woodland Creature


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Co Wicklow


Near the Dart station

Sevenoaks and Steele 2020