White framed limited edition print with inspiration on the back.

Frame size 16 x 16 cm / 6 x 6 " approx. 


This nature spirit keeps a balance in nature by nurturing the well-being of the earth. Her favourite task is to look after mushroom mycelium. These are tiny fungal threads that grow underground connecting the roots of plants and trees to each other. It is through these interconnected threads that trees, plants and fungi speak to each other. They tell each other what they need and what they don’t need and they work together to maintain the health and flow of their ecosystem. The mushroom guardian also looks after places in nature that are badly in need of nourishment. She invites in native wildflowers and fungi to restore and replenish areas that aren’t thriving. Wherever this nature spirit roams, the land flourishes. She heals the earth as she goes on her way.  If you ever