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An original digital illustration by Rachel Corcoran, this print is inspired by the more positive and fun aspects of 2020 lockdown. While the gate is firmly closed, we have been able to enjoy the outdoors, even if it is sitting by the doorstep, and a cuppa and a book make good company. Children explored their creativity with their window artworks and rainbow chalked walls. Plenty of loving letters and a care package await at the door. And how can we forget the wonderful sunny weather the last few months - the blue skies certainly bestowed on us some much needed optimism. The old Dublin tradition of covering the fragile door paint with fun striped material is a subtle nod to nostalgia and long summer days. Printed on high quality FSC-certified cream paper.

Print is A4 size (8.27 × 11.7")

Fabulous print and a wonderful gift.

Love and Rainbows Signed Artist Print- Rachel Corcoran