We have a great selection of handpicked mainly Irish designed and made goods from crafters and designers we love to work with.

We’re  updating the website with Christmas hours and special events over the next few days.

Hope you all having a fabulous Sunday.



Sevenoaks and Steele

9 Albert Walk, Bray, Co Wicklow




Looking good.

With new stock coming in all the time I’m constantly moving goods around my very small shop.

I’m slightly obsessed with lighthouses and think they are buildings that are beacons of hope out in stormy seas. So many of them are engineering feats and marvels in remote locations.

I have a great selection of them in stock from around the country- Poolbeg, Kinsale,  Wicklow,  MineHead, Hook Head and many many more.



Summertime and the living is easy

Today for the first time I felt a chill in the air and it feels like the seasons are slowly changing.

I’ve done a bit of a ‘ merch ‘ around the shop and the reaction today was wonderful.

I’m loving this print of Dublin City by a very talented local artist.


The Festive Swing is on.

Its been a hectic few weeks getting ready for Christmas.

Selecting, packaging,unpacking,pricing and merchandising the stock. I am finding it challenging in the space to display all the beautiful work to its best potential. I’ve an antique cabinet with 16 little drawers that I’m letting customers shop. Its filled with everything from pottery to handmade crochet toys. The reaction has been really good.

I’d best be off as somebody has just wondered in.

I’ll be posting more pictures of some of the fabulous stock I have.



Getting ready for my 1st Christmas

Its been really busy with designers dropping in deliveries and people starting to really shop for Christmas.
I’ve no idea what to expect and what stock levels I should have. I’ve only been open a few short months and its all a learning curve. Although I have previous retail experience and know all about the silly season its different when its your own little shop. Exciting and nerve wracking and exciting again.
I’ll try to keep this updated with great new products coming in.

Coming Soon!

Sevenoaks and Steele Design Workshop will be coming to Bray, County Wicklow, in the next few weeks.

We’re very excited to be opening up a shop in the Albert Walk, and look forward to welcoming you there once we open. We’re busy beavering away getting everything ready for the big day, so in the meantime, feel free to contact us at hello@sevenoaksandsteele.com, and hopefully see you at our shop soon!